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  1. Jokes - Laughs from around the world Jokes from around the Interwebz

  2. John D Wood - Property Developer in Canary Islands Kent resident real-estate consultant

  3. Peter Blue - Investor Business networker, Investor and software developer. Lives in Kent and London.

  4. Coaching Services in London Coaching Services in London that use trained voices like Opera singers to improve networking confidence

  5. Funding Circle - Alternate Income Streams P2P lender Funding Circle with one of the highest Returns. Created in 2010

  6. ZOPA - P2P Lending Zopa is a personal finance P2P lending website based in London, UK.

  7. Quotations - Brilliant One-liners Some brilliant Phrases from notable women & men from years past

  8. Quotes & Jokes - Inspiring Quotes Two Some inspiring Sayings from notable men & women from our yester-years

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